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FREE 3M Scotchgard Door Edge with every kit ordered

3M Scotchgard™ Paint Protection Film 3M Scotchgard™ Paint Protection Film is transparent and nearly invisible. This clear urethane film protects your paint from damage from road construction, sand and salt, bug acids, and other road hazards. These clear bras are a great alternative to unsightly car bras and shields. Once installed, no special maintenance is needed for the clear shield. Just wash and wax as you normally would. Empire Clear Shield kits are computer cut to fit your specific vehicle.

The virtually clear material adheres to your vehicle's paint and protects it from the wear and tear of daily driving conditions. The installation of your clear shield is intended to be permanent, but the material can be removed without paint damage. Unlike other alternatives, such as the vinyl nose masks or car bras, your clear shield won't vibrate, or trap material underneath that can scratch the paint.

Car Kits Priced Right! We use only 3M Paint Protection Film
Our kits are computer cut from 8 mil paint protection film. This
is a urethane material that is 99.5% optically clear. The film and clear coat
layers contain UV protectants to counteract harmful ultraviolet rays that can
cause yellowing.

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Order Paint Protection Kit(s) Here:
  Quan.   Description Price
1.   Hood Fender Kit
Call it Clear Bra, Invisible Bra, Clear Shield, or whatever you want. Just protect your vehicle! Call for more information. 1.623.889.0862
2.   Hood, Fender, Mirror Kit
Rocks, Bugs, Foreign Objects can damage your front end paint! Protect it with virtually invisible paint protection film.Call for more information 1.623.889.0862
3.   Grille Kits
Virtually Invisible Paint Protection Film enhances the value of any vehicle. Call for more information 1.623.889.0862
4.   Bumper Kit
On some new cars the bumper is huge! Don't let it get ugly and damaged. Clear bra is the answer. Protect your investment! Call for more information 1.623.889.0862
5.   Headlamp Protection Kit
Glass/Plastic - All Headlights Benefit from Headlight Protection Call for more information 1.623.889.0862
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FREE 3M Scotchgard Door Edge with every kit ordered

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Installation Instructions

To see Video of a typical clear bra application:
Hood and Fender Installation Video
Bumper Installation Video
Mirror Installation Video

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