Empire Clear Shield

Purchasing and Installation


Q: What brand of material do you use?

A:  3M Scotchgard Paint Protection Film.


Q:  How thick is it?

A:  The invisible mask is 8 mil thick.


Q:  Is it noticeable?

A:  Slightly noticeable, but almost invisible. Alternatives are:

Leather bras

Bug shields

Rock chips

Most car owners and automobile enthusiasts are excited about this clear bra coverage.


Q:  Can anyone install the clear bra?

A: With proper instruction and/or training. We have videos provided on Installation Tool Page.


Q:  Is 3M pain protection film hard to install?

A:  It can be. As in any installation, there are tricks that experience teaches.  Each vehicle has a rating as to degree of difficulty of installation.


Q:  Can you see the clear bra on the vehicle?

A:  The shield is clear and almost invisible on the vehicle. If you are standing within 2 feet of the vehicle you will probably see it; but from 5 feet or more, it will not be noticeable.


Q:  How long does it take to get the precut clear bra?

A: As little as 1 day.  We ship by UPS Ground the same day as ordered or the next business day if it is ordered on the weekend.


Q:  Is the paint protection film vehicle specific?

A: Yes. After it is ordered, it is computer cut to fit each vehicle, and with specific options if required.


Q:  What else do I need?

A:  You will need a squeegee, lint-free cloth, solution, knife, alcohol, and a couple of spray bottles. Our Installation Kit has what you will need.


Q: Do you know an installer in my area?

A: We are located in Mesa, Arizona. We can also check our contacts and help locate installers in your area.

Q: Will I have to cut or trim the clear shield to fit my vehicle?

A: Not usually, but some stretching during installation may make it necessary.


Maintenance and Removal


Q:  Can the invisible mask be removed?

A: Yes, but a new shield would have to be reinstalled. You cannot use the clear shield again after it has been removed. If desired, the film can be removed at any time by picking up a corner of  the film and pulling the film off the vehicle surface parallel with the cars surface. If the film has been present a long time, or if the film and vehicle are cold, a heat gun or hair dryer may be used to soften the  adhesive, allowing easier removal.

Q:  Does the 3M clear bra require special care? A: Not really. Regular washing and waxing is fine. You wouldn’t want to use a pressure washer especially near the edges.

Q:  Will the paint fade differently under the clear shield?
A: No, as long as you maintain your car’s paint and finish. The film and clear coat layers contain UV protectants to counteract harmful ultraviolet rays that can cause yellowing or fading


Q:  Can I go through a carwash?

A:  Yes, after 48 hours, you can wash and wax your car as you normally would.

Q:  Does the paint protection film come in colors?

A: No, the invisible bra is clear.


Q:  Is the 3M material fresh?

A: Yes. We are a high volume shop specializing in paint protection film. We use our material within a few weeks. It does not sit in storage for any length of time.


EMPIRE CLEAR SHIELDQ. What is the Scotchgard™ Paint Protection Film warranty?
3M warrants that Scotchgard™ Paint Protection Film will be free of defects in materials and manufacture — including yellowing, bubbling, or cracking — or five (5) years from date of purchase. This warranty does not apply to damage caused by misuse, accident, misapplication, or ordinary wear, nor does it apply to dents caused by physical impact of rocks or road debris. Some installers may choose to offer, on their own behalf, different or additional warranties or remedies, beyond the warranty and limited remedies offered by 3M.

Q. How do I make a warranty claim?
To make a claim under this warranty, simply contact 3M at 1-800-643-0955. You must have your warranty card to validate your warranty. 3M will direct you to an installer selected by 3M to have your Scotchgard Paint Protection Film inspected and, if your claim is covered by this Warranty, 3M will have the installer removed the old and reapply new Scotchgard Paint Protection Film. Remedies and Limitations: The 3M warranty and limited remedies stated in this document are exclusive and is made in place of all other express or implied warranties, including any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. 3M shall not be liable for any other damages or costs, including incidental or consequential damages, arising out of the use of inability to use Soctchgard paint Protection Film or any vehicle to which it has been applied.
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