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  Quan.   Description Price
1.   Deluxe Paint Protection Installation Kit
Everything our Professional Installer use to install Paint Protection Film
2.   Paint Protection Film Installation Kit
Tools you will need for installing Paint Protection Film
Item No. PPFIK
3.   3M Orange Squeegee
The only Paint Protection Film squeegee directly from 3M for use with the clear bra product. Especially useful when flexibility is needed.
Item No. 71607
4.   Yellow Turbo Squeegee
Yellow Turbo Squeegee. Our installation technician's favorite
Item No. GT147
5.   Clear Max Squeegee
Clear Max Blade Squeegee
Item No. GT203
6.   3M Gloss Enhancer
We use this after our Paint Protection Film Kits are installed, for a great look to our finished product.
Item No. 4Gloss
7.   Deluxe Gloss Enhancer Kit
Kit includes both Gloss Enhancer and Perfect It™ Microfiber Detailing Cloth
Item No. DLX39016
8.   Perfect-It Show Car Detailing Cloth
3M Perfect-It™ Microfiber Show car detailing Cloth
Item No. 39016
9.   Lil' Chizler
Sharp edge removes old film or decals
Item No. GT083
10.   Olfa Razor Knife
Olfa Knife with break off blades for professional results
Item No. GT026
11.   Window Tint Installation Kit
Item No. WTIK
12.   Teflon Edge Squeegee
Included in window tint Installation Kit.
Item No. GT086
13.   Smoothie Squeegee
Item No. GT144
14.   White Scrub Pad
White Scrub Pads are a must in window tint preparation
Item No. GT085
All prices in US Dollars

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