Empire Clear Shield

Paint protection film kits for Holiday Rambler Motorhomes
Computer cut accuracy
Genuine 8 mil 3M paint protection film


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    Description Price
1.   Holiday Rambler Admiral
Item No. 265-7273313
2.   Holiday Rambler Ambassador
Item No. 424-7276972
3.   Holiday Rambler Endeavor Diesel
Item No. 155-7276986
4.   Holiday Rambler Imperial
Item No. 323-7277017
5.   Holiday Rambler Navigator
Item No. 481-7277022
6.   Holiday Rambler Neptune
Item No. 811-8405142
7.   Holiday Rambler Scepter
Item No. 622-7277054
8.   Holiday Rambler Vacationer
Item No. 107-7277072
All prices in US Dollars

Empire Clear Shield designs its own motorhome paint protection film kits. We have custom pieces available for most any part of your motorhome that needs to be protected. Clear shield protection is great on lower compartment doors, below fuel fills, around dead bolts, below the entry door, or anywhere the paint is vulnerable to damage. Call us if you need something special.
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