Empire Clear Shield

Bicycle Protection Kit
Keep your Bicycle Investment looking new!

Protect your Bicycle!
Your Bike needs protection from road and trail hazards. Even your carrying rack can nick and scar your paint.
3M Paint Protection film is virtually invisible on your bicycle.
You can apply this protection anywhere on the bike that you would like to protect.
Great for Mountain Bikes and Street Bikes.

Our Kit includes:
2 pieces of 3M Film 2" X 48"
2 Pieces of 3M Film 1" X 48"
Microfiber Lint Free Cloth
Hobby Knife with break off blades
Clear Max Squeegee
Application Solution

Note: Does not stick well to anodized or matte finish frames.

Order Information

Item Number: PPFbike

Price: $24.95



  • Virtually Invisible
  • Keeps Bike Looking New Longer
  • Helps Maintain Resale Value
  • Easy to Apply, and Easy to remove
All Prices in US Dollars
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